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Sydney Tap Dance Festival

The Sydney Tap Dance Festival runs over three days from the 20th-22nd of April

The Festival consists mainly of workshop classes, routine classes (a routine the students learn which is performed at the concert) The Fest also includes Q&As, games and Jam sessions (a fundamental part of Tap Dance)


The Syd Tap Fest is a fun and challenging event where participants learn from some of the best Tap Teachers/Choreographers in the country. The event also has live musicians in more that 75% of classes making this an experience not to miss. This year we happy that the concert is going ahead with the rehearsal starting at 12:30pm and show at 6:30

Time Table click here 

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20th AMPA  Performing Arts Centre

9-11:30am routine class

11-4:15pm workshop classes

5-8pm critique session (solo comp)

Brent Street Studios

9-11:30am routine class

11-45-8pm workshop classes


22nd The Juniors, Kingsford 12-5pm rehearsal,

6pm concert



Level 1 day pass - $119 (includes all level 1 classes for the day you choose from 11am)

Level 2 or 3 day pass - $139  (includes all level 2 or 3 classes for the day you choose from 11am)

1 Ultimate Package - $279 (includes all workshop classes, jams, Q&As, routine classes, rehearsals and performance ticket)

Level 2/3 Ultimate package - $319 (includes all workshop classes, jams, Q&As and the routine classes, rehearsals and performance ticket)

Tiny or Adult - $49

Teachers pass (studio directors only) $69

So grab your shoes its time to lace up! 



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