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Please note that workshop time table may be subject to change/ alter

Workshop Location

The Sydney Tap Dance Festival workshops will be held at The Village Performing Arts Centre, 4/85 O'Riordan Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015

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The Sydney Tap Festival faculty have been specifically selected to provide a large variety of styles and levels that will challenge the mind and promote individuality! We would like to encourage all participants to attend the Jams, Q&A's and "social night" in the celebration of Tap and Life!

 "Residency" Classes, are classes that involve learning a routine that will be taught by our fantastic  faculty which will be performed on stage at the  Sydney Tap Festival Concert! 

"Residency Classes"

"Level 1, 2, 3 & Pro"

"Level 1, 2, 3 & Pro"​ is a guide to used to determine the level of difficulty that will be taught in that particular class. 

It is important to note that this is only a guide and that "level" depends on many factors such as familiarity, years of experience and style.

"Q&A/ Meet and Greets

Sydney Tap Festival has dedicated time for Q&A's and Meet & Greets.

We feel its important to share knowledge, wisdom and thoughts. 

This is an ideal opportunity to talk to your favourite teachers and grab a photo! (of course) 


Jams are a great way to express feeling and emotion.

Jams are often shared around the world, amongst musicians, singers and dancers.

"Jamming" is a great form of communication, although it isn't related to any single spoken language however, communicated through feeling!

Please note that "Jams" are not compulsory, however highly encouraged and recommended!

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